This winter semester the Jean Monnet Chair introduces cutting-edge research on the European Union: the Next Generation EU Research Series

Mondays, 5:15 to 6:45 p.m., online

The lecture series assembles cutting-edge research on the European Union. Early career researchers from across Europe are presenting their research during the winter semester. The series is organised by the Jean Monnet Chair on Interactive Multi-level Democracy in Europe (IMUDE) at the Otto-von-Guericke University. The Next Generation EU Research Lecture Series addresses students from the OVGU and beyond, scholars and interested public.

To register from outside the OVGU, please sign up providing your name, affiliation and e-mail at: For OVGU members, please enroll as usually via LSF. Enrolled participants will be provided with the link to attend the lectures.

Find more information about the lecture programme here.

09 October 2023

Understanding the complexity of EU crises – moving forward in a dialogue between EU studies and critical constructivist norm research

Johanna Speyer, PhD Candidate, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz & Nils Stockmann, PhD Candidate, Osnabrück University

16 October 2023

Bottom-up approaches to climate change – strategic litigation as a tool of the European civil society to push for stronger climate action?

Dr. Manuela Niehaus, Deutsche Universität für Verwaltungswissenschaften Speyer

23 October 2023

The Europeanization of post-communist administrations: The Commission as a driver? A case-study of the European Commission’s efforts to support administrative reform in Romania, Serbia and Moldova between 2000-2020

Claudia Badulescu, PhD Candidate, European University Institute

30 October 2023

Governing between discipline and discretion in Europe’s economic governance

Dr. David Bokhorst, European University Institute & Dr. Francesco Corti, European University Institute

13 November 2023

The use of EU soft law in national courts: Evidence from France and Germany

Adam Eick, PhD Candidate, Ludwig-Maximilians-University Münich

20 November 2023

The Rule of Law Crisis in the Member States of Hungary and Poland and the European Response to it

Niels Kirst, PhD Candidate, Dublin City University

27 November 2023

Who cares about democracy?: Exploring the role of public pressure behind the EU's changing policy on democratic backsliding and the Rule of Law

Kata Moravecz, PhD Candidate, Central European University

04 December 2023

From Changing Times to Changing Communities: Communities of Practices in Cultural Diplomacy in the South Caucasus Region

Szilvia Nagy, PhD Candidate, Central European University

11 December 2023

Accelerating the green transition: Governance through funding and the RePowerEU instrument

Dr. Lucas Schramm, Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich & Chiara Terranova, PhD Candidate, Europa-University Flensburg

18 December 2023

European Administrative Networks in-between audiences: accountability dilemmas in multi-level EU governance

Ana Carolina Soares, PhD Candidate, University of Copenhagen

08 January 2024

Walking the line: Conflict and Consensus in the Committees of the European Parliament

Moritz Wiesenthal, PhD Candidate, Europa Universität Viadrina

15 January 2024

The European Union Facing Hard Politics: The Origins of EU Strategic Autonomy (1993-2016)

Dr. Enrico Ciappi, LUISS Guido Carli University of Rome

22 January 2024


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