Interview with Prof. Heidbreder in episode 16 of the podcast "Wissen, wann Du willst": "Will the EU master the crises?"

In the latest episode of the OvGUs podcast: "Wissen, wann Du willst", Prof. Heidbreder was interviewed on the topic: "Will the EU overcome the crises?"

Heidbreder 2021

The topic focuses on the current scenario,challenging on a global level and of course affecting European societies and economies: the impact of the Covid 19 pandemic, the imminent climate crisis and the war in Ukraine.

While answering questions on the current scenario, Professor Heidbreder reflects on the past crises Europe has faced and the general challenges the EU is facing, providing valuable knowledge to understand the complex conglomerate of factors and actors in the EU, which affect how the EU responds to said challenges.

Read or listen to the full interview here.

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