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What are the likely consequences of Brexit? Why has the EU struggled with its asylum policy? Are we going to soon live in a "United States of Europe”? How are critical decisions made in Europe today? 


Global citizens, language lovers and future business leaders!

Serve your community and learn about the European Union


The interdisciplinary courses in European Studies prepare you to look at Europe and the European Union from different angles and to grasp its complexity. Our courses of study provide you with insights in areas such as political science, cultural studies and economics. In addition, the foreign language component will prepare you to converse with Europeans across the board.

Our European studies programmes (BA & MA) are based on rigorous academic training while providing concrete practical insights through events, internships and study abroad.

The diversity of our programme will allow you to use your specific skillset in areas ranging from international organisations, to NGOs, PR agencies, multinational corporations and media. More information

Our programmes are offered by the Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences and Education in cooperation with the Faculty of Economics and Management and the University Language Centre.

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