Workshop "Feminismen in der Praxis" with a talk by Alba Kugelmeier López

On October 26, the association Wir sehen hin e.V. and the Grüne Jugend Börde offered a workshop on the topic of feminism. As part of the event, Alba María Kugelmeier López, research associate and doctoral candidate at the Chair of Multilevel Governance in Europe at Otto von Guericke University, talked about feminist theories, gender-based violence and abortion rights in the context of current feminist crises in Europe.

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7 WSH x GJ Workshop

The audience then took part in small group discussions and compiled their results on posters.
We hope you enjoyed the workshop and thank you, Wir sehen hin e.V. and Grüne Jugend Börde for your incredible work and for a lovely cooperation with our Alba Kugelmeier López.

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