Bachelor’s students of European Studies complete a compulsory internship. The main goal is to apply and deepen course content while gaining practical experience. This usually does not mean that certain knowledge can be used directly, but that theoretical knowledge is transferred to practical skills. Furthermore, internships offer the opportunity to test possible jobs and find out which activities or professions are suitable for each student. With a bit of luck, they can also help you meet professionals and forge links for the time after graduation. To achieve these goals, the choice of the internship location and your own commitment during the internship are decisive.

You can complete your internship either in Germany or abroad - you decide where and in which area to undertake your internship. However, it is important that the internship is clearly related to the course content.

For already registered students: What you should pay attention to when choosing and registering for the internship and which documents you need to submit for recognition afterwards can be found in our guidelines for internships, which are available in our internal communication course.

You will also find information on internships in your study and examination regulations (Bachelor and Master) as well as in the internship regulations in the respective version.

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