Workshop "National Coordination and the European Union"

On 23 and 24 November 2023, the Jean Monnet Chair organized a workshop on "National Coordination and the European Union". The workshop iun hybrid format, took place in the Walloon Church in Magdeburg, while allowing participants to attend the meetings either on site or online. The event, hosted by the Jean Monnet Chaird IMUDE started with the introductory words of three EU specialists: Prof. Dr. Eva Heidbreder, head of the Jean Monnet Chair IMUDE at Otto-von-Guericke University and Professor of Multilevel Governance in Europe; Prof. Dr. Hussein Kassim, Professor of European Public Policy and Administration at Warwick University and Academic Fellow at the European Policy Centre; and Prof. Dr. B. Guy Peters, Maurice Falk Professor of Government at the University of Pittsburgh and Editor of the International Review of Public Policy.

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Thereafter, the workshop counted with the participation from experts of different EU member-states, enabling a dive into the patterns of national coordination of different EU member-states: 

Workshop Magdeburg Nov 2023


  • Prof. Dr. José Magone (Portugal)
  • Dr. Erle Rikmann (Estonia)
  • Dr. Anna-Lena Högenauer (Luxembourg)
  • Prof. Dr. Eva G. Heidbreder, Dr. Johanna Schnabel, Dr. Antonio Souris (Germany)
  • Dr. Adonis Pegasiou (Cyprus)
  • Dr. Jean Claude Cachia (Malta)
  • Dr. Natalia Cuglesan (Romania)
  • Dr. Ivo Rollis (Latvia)
  • Dr. Petia Gueorguieva, Prof. Dr. Jean Crombois (Bulgaria)
  • Prof. Dr. Zdravko Petak, Dr. Kristijan Kotarski, Prof. Dr. Dagmar Radin (Croatia)
  • Dr. Marek Rybář, Dr. Katarina Staronova, Prof. Dr. Zuzanna Murdoch (Slovakia)


The workshop ended with a discussion on the insights brought by all contributors. 

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