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"Is the EU a guarantor of the rule of law?" - Contribution to the Online Citizens' Dialogue

"The EU is based on the fundamental belief that [...] in the end we all win through cooperation. In order to guarantee this cooperation, even if individual outcomes do not correspond to one's own wishes, shared law is central. Without compliance with the shared rules, it does not work [...]. Thus, if not only EU law but the rule of law as such is questioned in the member states, the EU is deprived of its foundation. Without the rule of law, there is no European cooperation." - Prof. Dr. Heidbreder

"Goodbye Rule of Law? The EU between aspiration and reality" of the nonpartisan Europa-Union Deutschland e.V., November 12, 2021.

As announced last week, you can now find the ideas and demands articulated during the online citizens' dialogue on the digital platform of the Conference on the Future of Europe.

A detailed event report is available on the website of our media partner "Treffpunkt Europa"






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UK in a changing Europe - EU-UK 2030


 "Five years on from the EU referendum, we are still attempting to learn lessons and digest those we have learnt. In this country, the vast majority of attentions has, unsurprisingly, focused on development here - in parliament, in our constitutianal settlement, and in the country as a whole. But how did the EU and its member states approach the Brexit process? What were their priorities for their relationship with it in the years ahead? [...]".

You can read the complete article, "UK in a Changing Europe" here. Besides the many exciting contributions, Prof. Heidbreder's article "Germany" can be found on pages 26-28.


We hope you enjoy reading it!

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New edition „Europe from A to Z“ – with contributions from Julia Klein and Dr. Daniel Schade


Europe and the EU are in a constant state of change. The "rules and regulations" of European integration must therefore also be constantly revised and kept up to date.

The new edition of "Europe from A to Z," a pocket guide to European integration, contains current topics that concern people in Europe. And at the same time proves that Europe is not only in Brussels, but also here on the ground in Magdeburg. Two well-known authors and lecturers from the OVGU appear in the book:

Julia Klein writes about Brexit and Euroscepticism (pages 101-106 and 275-278) and  Dr. Daniel Schade on Latin American politics (pages 437-440).


 You can Download the book for free from the library!

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'So long, and thanks for all the fish' - a podcast and update on the Brexit Deal


The speakers in this podcast shed light on the consequences of the Brexit deal: unhappy Britons and new borders that are causing new tensions.


"There is no good solution for Northern Ireland with Brexit." Prof. Dr. Eva Heidbreder


The contribution of Prof. Dr. Heidbreder, together with Joseph Garcia (Deputy Prime Minister of Gibraltar), Vassili Golod (ARD reporter in London), Paul Gilson (fisherman from the UK) and Nilüfer Yanya (British musician), offer a constellation of perspectives on the Brexit deal.


Listen to the podcase episode "So long, and thanks for all the fish" and read more at's page.

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NoCovid Initiative: Prof. Heidbreder supported the NoCovid Initiative as a supporting consultant


The framework paper "A new proactive goal for Germany to combat SARS-CoV-2" of January 18, 2021 sets out the general principles of the no-COVID strategy. Mrs. Prof. Dr. Heidbreder supported the NoCovid Initiative strategy as an expert on European politics. 

The strategy includes a departure from the containment strategy (“living with the virus”) pursued to date. The authors propose ideas and approaches for a proactive local elimination strategy that pursues the goal of a sustainably low incidence - ideally zero.

The document on the new proactive target for Germany to combat SARS-CoV-2 part two can be downloaded at 

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